16 January 2024 Posted in Action News

All Action Cotton is Responsibly Sourced

Action has achieved a milestone by only using responsibly sourced cotton. This reflects our commitment to environmentally responsible and socially conscious practices. 99% of our cotton is sourced as Better Cotton, and 1% is sourced as organic cotton.

Since November 2018, Action is partner of the Better Cotton Initiative, utilizing their traceability solution for transparency and supporting farmers. We believe that good products, low prices, and sustainability can go together. Our commitment to being more sustainable is shown through the Action Sustainability Programme, where we set clear goals.

Responsibly sourced cotton, bought according to the Better Cotton standards represents our commitment to environmental and social practices. When customers choose products with the Better Cotton logo, they support farmers trained in sustainable farming methods, contributing to reduced pesticide and water use, while promoting fair income. To date, we have contributed over 7.8 million euros in additional farmer income, preserved more than 41 billion liters of water, and prevented the use of over 25,000 kilograms of pesticides.

As we mark this achievement, let’s remember that even small changes in our daily lives as reducing waste or using less energy, can make a big difference.