Our History

Since 1993, we have been surprising customers with a wide range of products at the lowest price. We have grown from one small shop in Enkhuizen, the Netherlands to the fastest-growing discounter in Europe. Currently, we have over 2,550 stores in 12 countries, serving more than 15 million weekly in-store customers and 9.6 million online visitors.

Growth throughout 2023 milestone early 2024

For Action, 2023 was another year of growth. We continued to create value for our customers, our employees and the economy by offering products from household necessities like laundry detergent and toilet paper to products that make daily life easier or more enjoyable – always at the lowest price. In 2023, we added 303 stores, which brought the year-end total to 2,566 stores across eleven countries.
Early 2024 opened our first store in Portugal. Which brought the total up to twelve countries where people can find our stores.

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