Action plays an important role in society

As a large organization, we recognize our responsibility within society. We are committed to supporting both international and local initiatives that promote safe and healthy environments for children to thrive.

SOS Children’s Villages Partnership

To make an important impact in the countries where we source our products and operate, we’ve partnered with the global charity SOS Children’s Villages. Their focus is on keeping families together, providing basic care when necessary, supporting youth independence, and advocating for children’s rights resonates deeply with our values. Since 2018, we’ve sponsored a child or village in Asia for every store, store setup team and distribution center we operate, fostering local involvement by also supporting programs in European countries where we maintain offices. As our store network expands, so does our support for these communities.

Through our monthly donation of €30 per child, we contribute to covering essential needs such as food, education, medical care, and recreational activities within these villages. Each supporting team receives information about their sponsored child, encouraging our colleagues to actively engage with this impactful project through correspondence.

Furthermore, our country offices contribute €10,000 each to SOS Children’s Villages projects within their respective countries. Learn more about our partnership with SOS Children’s Villages and how together, we’re creating positive change in the lives of children worldwide.

Johan Cruyff Foundation Partnership

It’s been 2 years since Action has partnered with the Cruyff Foundation, which shares our ambition to help children and young adults. The Cruyff Foundation develops sports activities for children all over the world, with a focus on children in need. We plan to partner and co-invest in several new “Cruyff courts”, which benefit the local neighbourhoods and communities through improved quality of life.

‘’Johan Cruijff had the dream after his football career to develop children through sport and started, now 25 years ago, the Cruyff Foundation. Together with ACTION, we can offer families, for whom sport is not always obvious, space, tools and resources to sport and exercise. Together we make the difference,” says Niels Meijer, General Director of the Cruyff Foundation.

Action supports Ukraine

The war in Ukraine affects us deeply. As a retailer operating in many different countries in Europe, it is our responsibility to act. That is why Action decided to donate 1 million euros to UNICEF to help people, especially children, affected by the conflict in Ukraine and in neighbouring countries.

In addition, Action helps directly in Poland, supported by Polska Akcja Humanitarna (PAH). We provided families with essential goods such as raincoats, soap, toothpaste, flashlights, diapers and water bottles, and we offered storage capacity in three of our distribution centres. Our Polish colleagues collected €2,300 amongst themselves to donate to PAH. Action decided to double this amount, because we were incredibly proud of our colleague’s generosity.

Colleagues in Poland decided to work together with OTTO Poland to employ Ukrainian refugees. We gave support to the refugee centre in Warsaw EXPO, and once a week we sent them our goods. Additionally, we supported hundreds of Ukrainian orphans who ended up in a Mother and Child Home and provided soldiers in the east of Ukraine with clothing, food and drinks.

Czech Republic
In addition to the donation in goods by Action, customers and colleagues gathered over €4,500 in goods, which were distributed to nearby refugee centres by People in Need. Two Czech Store Managers, Zuzana Pilátová and Renata Zbořilová brought two containers with goods to 150 refugees housed by SOS Children’s Villages.

Action supported 2,500 infants and 5,000 adults with aid packages containing personal care products in collaboration with Caritas, a local charity organisation.

Action Germany supported the Red Cross with school supplies for fifty kids between 6 and 13 years old who fled Ukraine.

The Netherlands
In the Netherlands, the organisation ‘Vluchtelingenwerk’ took care of 2,000 refugees, and we supported them by providing them with personal care products. In addition, we donated 12,500 pairs of underwear for refugees in the border region. At our headquarters in Zwaagdijk, Action donated an entire inventory to temporary shelters which house Ukrainian refugees. Our colleague Melissa Sprokholt, one of our Assistant Store Managers, volunteered in the refugee centre in Edam and was supported by Action in providing blankets, duvets and pillows. Action also teamed up with the Red Cross, who are active in 40 refugee centres. We provided sanitary pads, baby wipes and shampoo for 7,500 people.

All in all, Action sent tens of thousands of articles to People for People for refugees in refugee centres. Our support doesn’t stop here. We take every occasion we have to help the Ukrainian people, whether they are still in Ukraine or in other countries across Europe.

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