08 February 2022 Posted in Action News

Celebrating opening in Girona, Spain with partnership Cruyff Foundation

In addition to the opening of Actions new store in Girona, Spain, Action closes a three-year collaboration agreement with the Johan Cruyff Foundation. The Cruyff Foundation supports and develops high-impact sports and leisure projects around the world. Focusing on children and young people for whom sport is not an evidence.

Together, Action and the Cruyff Foundation give children the space to develop, make friends and improve their physical and mental health.

“We are proud that we can support the Cruyff Foundation in its activities to help children to play sports. We are delighted to be able to help them develop, gain confidence and bring out the best in themselves,” says Hajir Hajji.

Furthermore, with this partnership, Action is involving its employees by offering them the opportunity to become monitors. This way they can help local children with sports activities so that they can actively participate in this partnership.

And in honor of this partnership, freestyle footballer Soufiane Touzani visited the store opening. Kids from all over the neighbourhood joined to see him do his magic and were challenged to duel with him in the courtyard. We are very proud to see all these happy faces! This is why we started this cooperation.


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Tuzani store opening Spain Girona
Tuzani store opening Spain Girona
Tuzani store opening Spain Girona