This is Action

Action is the fastest growing non-food discounter in Europe, offering 15 million customers an ever-changing variety of 6,000 products in more than 2,600 stores while catering to 9.6 million online visitors. We take pride in offering quality at the lowest possible prices, making daily necessities and a variety of products accessible to everyone. From budget-conscious shoppers to those seeking value in everyday items, our stores welcome a broad customer base. Welcome to Action, where affordability meets quality, and every visit is designed to make your day better.

One brand, one format, one operating model

Action started almost 30 years ago with one small store in Enkhuizen, the Netherlands – and has been on an amazing journey ever since. The growth continues across Europe and we opened our 2,500th store in Spain and our first store in Portugal at the start of 2024.

Small prices: in our DNA and in our culture

We’re able to keep our prices low by offering a curated selection of 14 different categories. This strategy enables us to purchase large quantities from our suppliers and partners in Europe and Asia, ultimately passing on the savings to our customers. Efficiency is ingrained in our DNA, and our straightforward business model ensures that we operate smoothly and effectively.

14 categories

Big smiles: relevant assortment

We take pride in infusing big smiles into your shopping experience because we understand that our customers genuinely love what we have to offer. What sets us apart is our commitment to providing an ever-evolving range of daily necessities, along with delightful surprises that cater to seasonal needs. We firmly believe that items like candles, notebooks, and home decorations are just as crucial to our customers as traditional necessities like laundry detergent, toothpaste, or underwear.

Our approach blends the elements of surprise and enjoyment with a dedication to delivering high-quality products at the most affordable prices. This combination ensures that our customers not only find what they need for their homes but also experience the joy of discovering thoughtful presents for family, friends, or themselves. In addition to our exclusive Action private labels and supplier-branded items, we proudly offer products from 380 renowned consumer brands, and introduce 150 new articles every week.

Feeling good: our people make the difference

Our people are the foundation of our success. It is important to us that our colleagues enjoys working at Action – whether through the spirit of teamwork, a strong customer focus, positive interactions with their leaders, or a sense of pride in being part of our brand. Operating across eleven European countries, Action provides employment opportunities for a vast and expanding number of individuals. With over 70,000 people hailing from 155 different nationalities employed directly or through Action. We embrace diversity and strive to offer opportunities to everyone, irrespective of their educational background, gender, ability, or personal history.

Past and future success built on a simple, healthy business model

As a healthy, financially stable non-food discounter, we offer two third of our articles for less than €1 and the average selling price of our entire range is €2.20. With happiness we see our customers leave our stores knowing that they did their shopping at the lowest possible price.

The customer is at the heart of everything Action does. Action has a simple business model that works – for our customers, employees and shareholders. We are proud to play our part in offering low-cost quality to a very broad range of customer groups. As a non-food discounter we must stick to our formula and never forget to put the customer first – making sure that they keep coming back. And they do.

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