Action Sustainability

Our growth comes with a responsibility that we accept and embrace. We believe that it is possible to continue to offer our surprising assortment at the lowest price, while improving the quality and sustainability of our products. We make sure Action customers feel good about their visit to our stores – small prices, big smiles. Being cost-conscious makes us, by nature, very aware of conserving resources and limiting waste. Even so we have an ambitious sustainability agenda and have made a lot of progress in recent years.

We understand that even when we make small changes, our size amplifies the impact of our actions, and ultimately, we can make a big difference. That’s why we have committed ourselves to ambitious, concrete, and measurable targets through the implementation of the Action Sustainability Programme (ASP).

The Action Sustainability Programme is inspired by the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the related Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We also derive inspiration and strategic guidance from the European Green deal. Action contributes to certain SDGs, building its ASP strategy upon four pillars.

At Action, sustainability works on four different, yet connected levels:

1. People

Our people are key to our success, now and in the future.
We aim to ensure that every employee has access to relevant training and development opportunities enabling them to excel at and grow. Talent development is a priority as we strive to stimulate internal mobility and promotions, which helps preserve the Action DNA during our continued growth. We foster an inclusive culture where people can continue to grow and develop themselves, and are appreciated. The fun, teamwork and respect makes our working atmosphere pleasant, and our people proud and engaged.

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2. Product

We strive to offer products which go beyond compliance
with quality and safety standards. This means we aim to source our products responsibly, taking societal and environmental considerations into account in our supply chain processes. While continuously delivering products that are affordable, and therefore accessible for everyone. We seek to improve product circularity
and aim to mitigate the negative impact caused by
pollution from packaging by increasing the use of renewable materials

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3. Planet

We are aware that our activities as a retailer contribute to climate change through CO2 emissions and the consumption of natural resources. We are committed to reducing the absolute emissions from our own operations and decreasing the impact we have on the environment, people, and future generations.

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Action Planet

4. Partnership

We consider ourselves a part and partner of society. Therefore, we ensure that our business activities and tax compliance meet ethical, societal, and sustainable development related expectations. In addition, we support international and local initiatives that contribute to children being able to grow up in a safe and healthy environment.

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