13 May 2023 Posted in Action News

All of Action’s own cocoa products Fairtrade-sourced

All of Action’s own brand cocoa products are made from sustainably grown and Fairtrade-sourced cocoa beans. This applies to all our fixed and seasonal assortment of chocolate. We are very proud of this achievement and we believe that we have the scale and opportunity to provide our customers with good quality, sustainable products at the lowest price possible.

The Fairtrade organisation enables us to make a positive impact on cocoa farmers and their communities; through improved income, dignified working conditions, responsible use of farmland and water and the opportunity to invest in their communities.

Premium for positive impact

Fairtrade has a fixed-non-negotiable premium. This premium is an additional amount that Fairtrade-certified cooperatives receive on top of the selling price of cocoa. This is paid to the cooperative of which the farmer is a member or to the premium committee on plantations. In 2022 our Fairtrade premium amounted €384,000. With this premium, farmers and their communities can, amongst other things, plant shade trees to protect cocoa plants, buy fertiliser, be trained on good agricultural practices or build schools.

Peter d’Angremond, Director of Fairtrade Netherlands: “Cocoa continues to be a strong growth category for Fairtrade in 2022. The premium payments that Fairtrade cocoa farmers received from sales have increased positively. In a situation where the worldwide inflation also greatly affects cocoa farmers, this extra money is necessary to make ends meet and continue cocoa production. Commitments from organisations like Action and the support of their customers have contributed to this increase. We are proud to work with Action on their continued journey towards better incomes and dignified livelihoods for cocoa farmers. We count Action as one of our important long-term partners on the road to social justice for all.”

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