08 February 2023 Posted in Action News

How Action is helping with the devastating earthquake

As Action we are shocked by the devastating earthquake ripped through Turkey and Syria, leaving destruction and debris on each side of the border. Our thoughts especially go out to our colleagues from Turkey and Syria and their families. We are closely observing the developments with great concern and as a large company we feel we have the responsibility to support where possible.

We have established contact with long-term partners Red Cross, UNICEF and People for People to see what needs there are and to provide coordinated and effective support. Based on their contacts on the ground, they know exactly what the biggest needs are so they can ensure that help is provided where it is needed most.

In coordination with People for People the first truck left this morning carrying blankets to help people stay warm. Other articles will follow soon.

Besides goods we have donated a total of 1 MILLION euro to UNICEF and Red Cross.

Since the occurrence of the earthquake, Action gets frequently approached for help with donations, both by concerned staff and small, local aid initiatives across all our 10 markets. By taking a substantial approach in cooperation with experienced, well-organised aid partners, we expect to contribute in the best possible way.

Our hearts and minds are with all who are affected or are concerned about family and friends in the region.