Maurizio Oprandi is our Real Estate Acquisition & Construction Manager in Italy. He was one of our first colleagues in Italy, where one of his jobs was to find the locations for our first stores in Vanzaghello and Turin.

Beautiful moment
‘It was a magical feeling when we opened our first two stores in April 2021: how people came to the stores from all over the country to wait in very long queues to get in. I feel a strong connection with the company and with all our colleagues every day thanks to their energy and enthusiasm. It is a privilege for my Italian colleagues and me to see Action growing so quickly here in Italy.’

Action’s secret
‘What our customers don’t always see is that Action doesn’t leave anything to chance. Everything is planned with extreme attention to detail and executed with great knowledge and care. All we want is for customers to come to the store, be amazed, go home satisfied and keep coming back to be amazed again.’