Paulina Stachowiak is a Store Manager in Leszno. Back in 2018, she was one of the first employees in Poland. She has been an enthusiastic go-getter from day one and knows how to build a nice working atmosphere. She’s a true ‘Actionista’.

I knew Action…
‘… because I lived in The Netherlands for a year. That’s where I fell in love with Action. I was super happy when I saw the job vacancy. Yes, Action is coming to Poland!’

Beautiful moment
‘There are too many to mention. For example, when we shot our first TikTok video with our team. We had such an incredible laugh doing that. And we’ve never stopped ‘TikTokking’. That time brought us closer together and laid the foundation for a close friendship between colleagues.’

Action’s secret
‘The infinite amount of fun and surprising products. Customers never get bored and want to find out about all those new products every week.’

What I am proud of
‘There’s so much to be proud of! I applied to Action in 2018 and one year later I was a Store Manager in Kościan. I have built a team that I am very proud of there. Six of my colleagues have been promoted. We had such a fantastic time together. I have only just started in Leszno. It would be great if I could say the same after being here for a while.’

The most important Action value
‘Phew, that’s a difficult one. I think all the Action values all equally important. Without these values, Action wouldn’t be Action.’