Petra Schoenmaker is one of the very first one hundred Action employees. The 88th to be precise. She has been a Store Manager in Beverwijk for years and – more than 70,000 employees later – she still doesn’t feel like a number: ‘At Action, people still really listen to you’.

I hoped that Action…
‘… would be great to work for. I didn’t have many expectations. I was young and just wanted to enjoy working. And that is exactly what happened. I still love going to work.’

Beautiful moment
‘The day I celebrated 12.5 years of service, Rob Wagemaker himself – who was the CEO at the time – came to see me in person to congratulate me. I liked that so much. It is typical of the way Action treats its employees. It really showed me that I mattered.’

What I am proud of
‘In 28 years, I’ve really seen the company grow. I’m super proud of how so many people are now Action fans across Europe.’