23 March 2023 Zwaagdijk, The Netherlands Posted in Press releases

Action continued to experience strong growth in 2022

  • Net sales up 30% to €8.9 billion in 2022, operating EBITDA increased to €1.2 billion
  • Number of stores increased by 280 to 2,263 in 10 countries; Action launched in Spain in 2022 and entered its 11th country, Slovakia, in March 2023
  • Continued focus on product quality and sustainability with Action’s Sustainability Programme
  • Action created 8,211 new jobs in 2022 and continues to invest in its employees

Discounter Action has ended 2022 with strong financial results. The company grew in the countries in which it operates and its number of stores increased by 280, which is a record level of store openings in a year. In addition, good progress was made in improving the quality and sustainability of its products. This is evident from the Action Update 2022 which was published today.

Result grows through existing and new stores

Due to growth experienced in existing stores as well as the opening of new ones, Action’s sales increased by 30% in 2022 to €8.9 billion. The resulting operating EBITDA grew to €1.2 billion. 280 new stores were opened during the year, taking the total to 2,263 by the end of 2022. Action launched in Spain in 2022 and, in March 2023, opened its first store in Slovakia, its eleventh country.

The increase in sales is primarily the result of opening new stores, a higher visit frequency and a higher purchase amount per visit. The removal of COVID-19-related restrictive measures also partly contributed.

Action CEO Hajir Hajji explains: “We see that the demand for discount is high everywhere. Our formula, which offers a range of 6,000 articles in 14 product categories and a lot of variety at the lowest price, is popular in all countries where we are active. Our customers visit Action both for daily products (cleaning products, personal care items such as toilet paper and sanitary towels) as well as for clothing or DIY items. All our product categories are experiencing growth, however last year, products that played into high energy prices (plaids and blankets, candles) were particularly popular.”

Action focuses on product quality and sustainability

Action focuses on product quality and sustainability through its Action Sustainability Programme. CEO Hajir Hajji: “Action believes that it is possible to offer customers products that have the lowest price and are sustainable. We’re not there yet, but we’re making good progress. For example, in 2022 we reduced our own CO2 emissions (scope 1 and 2) by 40%. As we progress, we are raising our targets. For example, the date on which 100% of our wood and cotton should be sourced sustainably has been brought forward to the end of 2023 for cotton and the end of 2024 for wood.”

Regarding product sustainability, Action has now established circularity programs for all its categories to further improve product composition, use and lifespan. Products are regularly awarded prizes. The formula of private label SuperFinn dishwasher tablets was improved, resulting in it being recognised with the award for ‘Best Product of the Year 2022-2023’.

In addition, Action made progress in the field of corporate sustainability. More than 1,900 Action stores have no gas connection and 95% of stores have energy-saving LED lighting. The remaining stores will be phased out of gas before the end of 2024. Last year, an average of 10% in energy was saved per square meter of retail space.

Employees are the basis for success

Action invests in its people. Our staff create a positive shopping experience for customers and reflect the neighbourhoods in which our stores are located. Action provides work to more than 80,000 people of 136 nationalities. In 2022, Action created 8,211 new jobs. 61,343 people were trained and 2,667 colleagues were promoted internally.

Hajir Hajji concludes: “This year, Action celebrates its 30th anniversary. I am proud of all the employees who have brought us to where we are today. Through work, training and internal promotions, we actively increase their possibilities and they grow with us. We will continue to focus on this area in the coming years when we will develop Action further.”

Update 2022

Today Action publishes the Action Update 2022, which provides more extensive coverage of Action’s developments in 2022, including progress on the Action Sustainability Programme.