26 January 2023 Zwaagdijk, The Netherlands Posted in Press releases

Action sales grow by 30% in 2022 to 8.9 billion Euro

Increase in number of transactions, more frequent customer visits to store

  • Net sales for 2022 increased by 30% to €8.9 billion
  • Strong growth in the number of transactions and increased visit frequency
  • 280 stores added – 2,263 stores in total
  • Expansion into Slovakia in March 2023, first store opens in Bratislava

Over the full year in 2022, Action achieved net sales in Europe of €8,9 billion, representing growth of 30% compared to 2021. Identical (‘like for like’) sales growth amounted to 18.1%, partly due to fewer Covid measures being in place than in 2021. The loyalty to Action’s brand and range lay partly at the basis of a higher number of transactions and increased store visit frequency of customers who regularly shop at Action These increased by several percent on an annual basis, especially in the larger countries in which Action has been operating for longer. The number of Action stores in Europe increased by 280 to 2,263.

Hajir Hajji, CEO of Action: “Action is increasing its number of loyal customers throughout Europe. In a year in which we saw purchasing power decrease and prices increase, our customers valued our range, our quality, low prices and ambience in the stores. Our teams put a lot of hard work into this. As a result, we saw loyal customers returning to the stores more often, but this is also because when shopping for necessities such as washing powder, toilet paper and household items, they get much more value for their money from at Action.”

Welcome to the districts

In 2022, Action opened 280 new stores, compared to 267 in 2021. Action often selects locations just outside the inner cities, in the districts and neighbourhoods of large cities and in smaller towns. Hajji: “In 2022 we opened stores rapidly across Europe – including in 42 towns which are new to Action. We also expanded our presence in larger cities where we already had stores, such as Paris, Vienna, Warsaw and Prague. Wherever we opened, we were always welcomed enthusiastically by the local community. Local authorities and residents recognise the impact of the arrival of an Action store. Our operating formula also brings new jobs and increased vibrancy. In doing this, Action fulfils a social role in the centre of neighbourhoods from Lyon to Krakow and from Dordrecht, soon to Bratislava.” In March 2023, Action will open its first store in the capital city of Slovakia.