10 November 2022 Zwaagdijk, The Netherlands Posted in Press releases

Action sales in Europe grow by 27%

First nine months 2022: increase in daily-use and energy-conscious products

·       Net sales in first nine months of 2022 increase by 27% to €6.1 billion

·       150 stores added in 10 countries: 4,300 jobs for new employees

·       Strong increase in sales of daily-use products and energy-conscious products

In the first nine months of 2022, Action achieved sales of €6.1 billion. That is a growth of 27% compared to the first nine months of 2021. The number of stores in Europe is on track for 2022, increasing by 150 to 2,133 stores. This generated jobs for 4,300 employees. The sales increase covers Action’s entire assortment, with outliers in the daily use category and products which are now more popular due to the increased energy awareness of households across Europe.

Everyday and energy-conscious products

CEO of Action, Hajir Hajji, said, “Especially in a time of rising prices and declining purchasing power, customers are happy to buy their daily, essential products at the lowest price at Action. We see an increase up to 30% higher than previous years of daily use products such as detergent, soap, toilet paper and kitchen rolls. But also of products related to the increase in energy prices, such as electric heaters, candles, plaids, slippers and battery packs.

Teams in stores are foundation

In the first 9 months of 2022, 4,300 new jobs were created by adding 150 new stores. Action is investing in ongoing development of its own employees. Hajji: “We are committed to creating new jobs, increasing career opportunities and chances for our employees. These accelerate along with the growth and development of Action. The atmosphere and service on the store floor make the difference for our customers. They see an attractive store with a committed Action team having a good time. For our employees, we are actively making new agreements on reward packages and terms of employment in the markets in which we operate.”

Because of the differences in laws and regulations in the ten countries where Action operates, appropriate agreements are made in each individual country. In the Netherlands Action, together with their Works Council, agreed on a new Action Employee Agreement (AVR) for 2023. The agreement consists of a salary increase up to 10% – consisting of 2% one-off and 8% structural increases.

Earlier Action informed its employees in all countries that in December they will receive a one-time net payout to thank them for their efforts. This one-time thank-you bonus in the Netherlands amounts to €350 net.

Progress in sustainability

Despite the turbulent market conditions, Action continues on its chosen path to further improve the sustainability of its range and stores, based on the belief that it is possible to offer both low prices and sustainable items. Hajji: “We are making considerable progress in sustainable sourcing. For example, we have brought forward the date by which 100% of our   cotton will be sustainably sourced with two years, from 2025 to the end of 2023. For 100% sustainably sourced wood, we managed to bring this date forward one year, to 2024.

Action provides an overview of its own sustainability agenda’s progress and ambitions in its annual Update end of March 2023.