05 July 2023 Zwaagdijk, The Netherlands Posted in Press releases

Action’s Superfinn limescale cleaner awarded Best Buy by the Dutch Consumer Association

Action’s limescale cleaner, Superfinn anti limescale, has been awarded Best Buy by the Dutch Consumers’ Association (Consumentenbond) for the best value for money. Superfinn is an affordable option for consumers looking for an effective limescale cleaner. A total of 24 bathroom cleaners were reviewed on their price and tested for limescale removal, limescale soap removal, material deterioration, sustainability, limescale protection and ease of use. Superfinn is available for €1.50 per 750ml bottle.

Being appointed as Best Buy for their limescale cleaner represents significant recognition for Action. It underlines Action’s efforts to offer sustainable and affordable cleaning products to consumers. Action’s limescale cleaner ranked in third place with a score of 7.1 when rated on limescale removal. In addition, the Consumers’ Association rates Superfinn anti limescale with a 7.8 on the section ‘deterioration of materials’.

Quality at the lowest price

Thomas Smit, General Manager Action Netherlands: “Action continuously improves its products and remains committed to offering quality products at the lowest price. We are therefore proud of this recognition by the Consumers’ Association for best value for money.”

Private lable Superfinn

Within the product line of Superfinn, a private label of Action, several effective cleaning products are available: dishwasher tablets, bleach, decalcifier, washing machine and dishwasher cleaner, toilet gel, degreaser and dish soap.


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