Training Guides

On this page you can find a general SAP learning site that serves to assist suppliers using their SAP Business Network, as well as an Action-specific add-on documents. By joining Ariba Network, you have been given a supplier account that will be used for transacting with Action.

Explanation invoice requirements
If you require additional explanation on invoice requirements and the invoicing process with Action, you can download the document below.

Download: Action – PO Invoice Requirements


How to respond to a PO
If you require additional assistance on how to respond to a Purchase Order, invoicing, or additional features of your account, follow the link below.

SAP Business Network – Supplier Learning Site


Access to Action-specific information
If you require access to Action-specific information such as the scope of Action’s project, setting up your account, or transacting with Action on Ariba Network, you can download the Action Guide Add-on below.

Download: Action – Supplier Guide Add-on