10 May 2022 Posted in Action News

Action’s skin care range Alvira is 100% vegan

At Action we have several private label brands. One of them is Alvira Skin Care. All products under this label are 100% vegan, dermatologically tested and take care of every type of skin perfectly for a good price.  Our Alvira skin care range consists of various skin care products, such as fresh face wash, micellar water (awarded with the Editors’ Choice in the Belgian Beauty Award 2021), makeup remover, day cream and more.

When we asked our own employees about their favourite Action product, Alvira was quickly mentioned. Curious about their experience? We asked them to share it.

No unnecessary additives and perfect travel size

The Alvira 24H moisture face cream is one of the favorite Action products of our colleague Katharina, assistant Store Manager in one of our stores in Germany. Katharina: “This Alvira 24H moisture face cream has made me a true enthusiast of Alvira skincare products! The scent of the cream appealed to me immediately. It is vegan, which is very important to me personally, as I have not used any cosmetic products that contain unnecessary additives or ingredients for years. And for travelers: the packaging size is very handy, because it fits even in small handbags. Because this face cream is a sustainable product, I start using it with a clear conscience. Once you have tried it, you will be very pleased. Just like me.”

Perfect skin for a perfect price!

HR Advisor Germany, Juliane, has not one, but two favorite Alvira products: Alvira Skin Care Deep Cleansing 2 in 1 Scrub & Face Wash and Alvira coconut water foam cleanser Clean Beauty. Juliane: “I use these two Alvira products almost every day and my skin has never looked better! On top of that the price quality ratio is much better compared to similar products. I recently started using these products and wasn’t aware yet that they are vegan. This makes me even more enthusiastic and I definitely plan to continue using them!”