22 April 2022 Posted in Action News

Progress through insights into product circularity

As a leading retailer, it comes as no surprise that our products are the largest impact contributors. We therefore invest in sustainable sourcing and production to enable our future and responsible growth. Our collaboration with impact organisation Circle Economy generates company wide insights into where our products stand on circularity. With the insights from circularity baseline assessments per category we can assess how circular our 14 product categories are. This give us the opportunity to make the largest positive circularity contribution. We have a clear plan and we make progress. Currently we have already completed 10 category assessments, which include the top 50 products of each of our product category. On to our ambition of completing the latest categories within this year!

Making circularity practical, specific and actionable

Based on customer relevance and circular maturity we are able to identify which products to prioritize. After prioritization we identify how we can make products more circular. Including; the design of a product, origin of the materials, how the product is manufactured, and the way a customer uses and disposes of it. Bringing these insights into action not only contributes to our circular transition, it also enables us to make sustainable products accessible for our customers.

The start of our circular journey

The baseline assessment of the top 50 products in each category (based on volume and sales) does not only provide circularity insights. It also contributes to help changing the mindset of our buying community and imbed circular design and materials into our way of working. Once’s the assessments are complete it is time for action. Each category is committed to improve at least 5 impactful products within their category and we will further incorporate our circularity KPI’s to embed circularity within our business.

Learn more in this video and watch our Action colleagues Karl Knight, Head of Product, Quality and Sustainability, Fabeel Butt, Sustainability Manager and Tamara Veldboer Business Strategies lead at Circle economy. They tell you all about our circular journey and the progress we have made.

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