21 June 2022 Posted in Action News

Smarter and more sustainable packaging

The production and disposal of packaging material presents an enormous challenge to the environment. By making changes in the packaging of products, we ultimately make them more sustainable. Environmentally friendly packaging is an integral part of our purchasing process. We do this in close collaboration with our suppliers for example by using different packaging materials and by reducing plastic packaging as much as possible. We keep looking at each article again to see what we can do better.

Recyclable packaging private label products

In order to make our packaging more recyclable for our private label products, we will phase out all black plastic by end of 2022. This means changing all black plastic to either transparent or a coloured variant which will ensure recyclability.

Replacing plastic and smaller packaging size

Nora Oumoulid, Junior Buyer: “We always look for improvements in every item. Like quality and design, but also packaging. What can we change to make it more durable and to improve the quality? With theBuyer Nora Oumalid aan het werk phone cases, we saw that the customer wanted to feel and test the product. In close collaboration with our suppliers, we replaced our plastic and cardboard phone case packaging with smaller cardboard only packaging, made of 100% renewable materials. This not only saves 4,800 kg of plastic and 3,525 kg of cardboard per year, but also enables our customers to feel and test the phone case. By not using plastic anymore, the packaging is now made of 100% renewable materials and is easier to recycle. And honest? It also looks better.”


Advantage to check

We have also applied this smarter and more sustainable way of packaging to our multimedia cables. The new packaging gives customers the advantage to immediately check in the store whether they are buying the right cables. In addition, in cooperation with the supplier, we have improved the quality and therefore the lifespan of our cables by making them thicker and stronger.


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