Our people are proud to work for Action

Action’s people are key to our success, now and in the future. It is their commitment and energy enable us to meet our ambitions. We want everyone who works for Action to be a proud and engaged Action ambassador. Our workforce should be diverse, inclusive and engaged, with ample opportunities for growth. Most importantly, their well-being is of paramount importance to us. Today, Action has 68,000 employees and over 124 nationalities.

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Action values

Our people are in charge of the stores

The Action formula is powerful, but our success as a business depends entirely on the enthusiasm and commitment of our people. Because they are in charge of the stores and help with customer navigation every single day. Irrespective of our different backgrounds or position within the company, we all share the Action values. These are the core of our success, as they provide the basis for our interaction with each other, our customers and our business partners.

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We provide a welcoming working environment where people can be themselves, irrespective of their background, orientation, gender, age or religion. At Action, we give people the chance to start their career, make a change or reintegrate into working life. In other words, Action offers a job for everyone, with flexible, full- or part time working options. Our workforce reflects the diversity of our customer base. In conclusion, more people from all over the world join our thriving business every year.

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